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The saying “first impressions are the last impressions” holds true for online stores as much as it does for brick-and-mortar establishments. The appearance of an online store plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers.

Running an online store may seem straightforward, but creating a successful one requires more than just basic management skills. In addition to managing inventory and sales, you must also focus on creating a visually captivating online storefront that will entice customers to make a purchase.

To help illustrate this point, let’s take a look at some exceptional online stores on Shopboxo that have effectively used aesthetics to attract and retain customers.

Kott’s Pet Galleria

Kott’s Pet Galleria is a specialist in offering a wide range of 100% pet-safe products, including skincare, fragrances, pet accessories, enrichment toys, and home cleaning items. 

Their aim is to create a more joyful and healthy environment for both pets and their owners. You’ll notice this is reflected in the storefront’s vibrant and playful pastel colour scheme, which adds to the overall fun shopping experience.


Kott's Pet Galleria Storefront

The website’s header includes a custom logo, while custom-designed banners with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) give a clickable appearance. Additionally, product categories are conveniently displayed as icon boxes, making navigation through the site easy and intuitive.

Product Images

Kott's Pet Galleria Product Image Box Sample

Kott’s Pet Galleria maintains a consistent and tidy storefront by using pastel backgrounds as the base for all its product images. You can achieve a similar design format for your own website by using various online tools that remove image backgrounds for free.

More Custom Banners

Kott's Pet Galleria Custom Banner Sample

Kott’s Pet Galleria features another custom banner in the middle of the store, adding a personalised touch and serving as a visual break between product categories. This ensures that the store does not feel cluttered or overwhelming to potential customers, allowing for a pleasant shopping experience.

Our Story

Kott's Pet Galleria Our Story Sample Banner

Including an “About Us” or in Kott’s Pet Galleria case “Our Story” section is an effective strategy to establish brand credibility and provide potential customers with insights into the business. When combined with custom design, it reinforces the overall brand theme on the storefront too.

Contact Us

Kott's Pet Galleria Contact Us Banner

A custom-designed “Contact Us” section that provides a clear list of both online and offline store locations where customers can purchase your products not only reinforces the legitimacy of the business but also instils a sense of security in users. Complementing this section with relevant images can further enhance its appeal and encourage customers to explore it.

Discover more about the design theme of Kott’s Pet Galleria and browse their store by visiting

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All Things Resin

All Things Resin offers a wide range of products crafted exclusively from resin, including fashionable keepsake jewellery and bouquet preservation items. The company is dedicated to assisting customers in preserving their cherished memories through the use of resin-made tokens. This unique selling point has earned them a coveted spot on television programs.

As their online store features a diverse selection of products, All Things Resin went with a minimalist colour scheme to minimise distractions on users when they are browsing.


All Things Resin Storefront Sample

All Things Resin has chosen a dynamic approach to communicate announcements and reminders by utilising a moving text header instead of a static navigation bar. This strategy effectively captures customers’ attention and emphasises critical messages, making them more likely to be noticed.

Similarly, All Things Resin has created a custom banner and slogans to reinforce their branding, mirroring the approach taken by Kott’s Pet Galleria. The company also features testimonials on their website, which play a crucial role in building brand trust and authority.

Contact Us and Payment

All Things Resin Delivery and Payment Interface Sample

All Things Resin has provided comprehensive information on both Shipping and Payment details, which are crucial pieces of information that customers typically seek before making a purchase. By proactively addressing these concerns, the company not only enhances the shopping experience but also boosts the likelihood of conversions.

To explore the offerings of All Things Resin, visit their online store at

Robin & Co.

Robin & Co. is an online health and beauty store that offers a range of skincare products, fragrances, and booster drinks designed to enhance overall well-being. The company’s motto, “Skin Care is Self Care,” is evident in their carefully curated product selection.

To ensure a seamless and comfortable shopping experience, Robin & Co. prioritises consistency in their store design. The website features a clean and minimalist layout with a limited colour palette, similar to the approach taken by All Things Resin.


All Things Resin Storefront Sample

Similar to the other merchants highlighted above, a custom banner serves as the primary visual element on the store page. Products are grouped by category and presented with icons for easy navigation.

In addition, individual banners have been created for each product category, making it easy for customers to identify the specific products or categories they are interested in.

Product Images

Robin & Co. Product Category Sample

Robin & Co. has adopted a uniform approach to product images, in addition to their custom banners. With a distinct styling for each product category, not only do the images visually distinguish each category, but they also maintain a clean and consistent look throughout the website. This approach aligns with the company’s philosophy of promoting comfort and well-being.

Explore the cosy atmosphere of Robin & Co.’s online store by browsing their selection of products at

Ningas Candle Co.

​​Ningas Candle Co. has been in the business of selling hand poured candles as home decor since 2020. Their focus on design is evident in their products and packaging, which is also reflected in the aesthetics of their storefront. The use of a sleek interface and stunning, high-quality product images adds an extra touch of sophistication to the overall shopping experience.


Ningas Candles Co. Storefront Sample

The aesthetics of Ningas Candle Co. store hits the mark for how a minimalist store should look like. With a customised logo, professionally shot product images with minimal elements,  the store is filled with pleasing imagery. And with its sleek approach, custom banners are kept minimal too.

As a marketing technique, Ningas Candle Co. utilises a moving text header to announce promotions and upcoming product launches.

Product Images

Ningas Candle Co. Product Showcase Sample

Ningas Candle Co. places a strong emphasis on sharp product images that showcase their beautiful candles. The focus of the webstore is to display their products in the best possible way.

In addition to good photography, Ningas Candle Co. has included custom design elements in each product image. This alternative way of presenting specific scents of the candles allows customers to easily identify the scent just by looking at the product image, without having to read the product description.

The store’s minimalistic design creates a refreshing and clean ambiance, similar to the experience of burning their candles. For more information, visit

Banayad Records

Banayad Records is an online retailer that specialises in selling both new and used vinyl records, as well as compact discs. The store’s inventory is carefully curated by its owner to cater to the diverse musical preferences of serious collectors and casual music lovers alike. 

The store’s theme is designed to reflect the vintage vibe to give customers the authentic feeling of purchasing vinyls from a vintage record store.


Banayad Records Storefront Sample

Banayad Records stays true to its vintage vibe by utilising minimal design elements on its storefront. Instead, the store uses custom photo filters for its product images to achieve a cohesive and consistent look throughout the website.


Banayad Records Categorisation Based on Genre Sample

As music encompasses a wide range of genres, it can be challenging to find your favourite artist without proper categorization. To address this, Banayad Records has thoughtfully organised its store according to different music genres. This allows customers to easily locate vinyls or compact discs within their preferred genre.

For an immersive vintage music experience, visit


J-Gyu is a licensed and certified supplier of authentic Japanese wagyu beef, renowned for its superior quality. Founded in 2019 with a mission to make this premium beef available to Filipino families, delivering a genuine taste of Japan to their doorstep.


J-Gyu Sample Store Front on Shopboxo

To complement its exclusivity, J-Gyu has designed its storefront with a premium look and feel, in line with the premium prices of the meat. They enhanced its storefront with two high-quality visuals that showcase the exclusivity of the shop, utilising expert photography skills to capture stunning imagery.”

Product Menu

J-Gyu Product Sample on Shopboxo

J-Gyu’s storefront maintains a uniform and neat appearance by using a white background for its product images. This showcases the marbling effect of the beef, an essential aspect for customers to choose high-quality beef.

Discover a premium shopping experience with J-Gyu on Shopboxo. Visit


Throughout our journey, we have successfully empowered over 70,000 merchants, representing a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. Our platform has enabled businesses of all types to flourish in the online space, providing them with the tools and support necessary to succeed.

If you’re considering launching your own online store, always remember to follow these tips: 

  • A clean background for product images
  • Consistent use of brand colours to maintain brand identity
  • Custom banners to enhance uniqueness
  • Clear categorisation for easy navigation
  • Consistency in all aspects of design

We hope this article serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. Our platform offers a variety of pre-built themes that can be customised to perfectly align with your brand and aesthetic, ensuring your online presence is both impactful and effective. Take the next step towards success and start building your dream store today.

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