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Inventory management system helped Banayad Records hit a 50% increase in sales.

Previous Platform Used

Facebook & Instagram



Their story

Online record store for hand-picked vinyl records and CDs

Banayad Records is an online retailer selling brand new and used vinyl records online. In addition to vinyls, the shop also offers compact discs. The owner, Carlo Sanchez, personally curates the store’s inventory, ensuring that a wide range of music genres are available to suit the tastes of both serious collectors and casual music lovers. The selection includes classic rock, jazz, indie, and alternative rock, among other genres.

Their challenge

Limited product visibility

Carlo was selling his vinyl records and CDs through Facebook and Instagram posts but it was not the most ideal platform for his business. On one hand, he was unable to showcase his entire inventory on these platforms, and on the other hand, there was no proper inventory management system for him to keep track of and update stock status.

As a result, it was very difficult for customers to browse his entire collection and know what was available.

Their solution

Breaking the limits of social media

Realising the limitations of social media platforms, Carlo knew that he had to find a way to overcome the limits to improve conversions. Eventually, he chose Shopboxo, because it was free with no restrictions on product uploads, and it was easy to set up.

By using an online selling platform with an inventory management system, Carlo was finally able to upload his entire inventory on one platform. He could also update stock statuses, improving the customer experience as they no longer need to contact the shop directly to check on stock.

I recently started using Shopboxo for my online record store, and I have to say, it's been a game changer. The robust inventory and order management system has saved me a ton of time and effort when it comes to tracking and fulfilling orders.

Carlo SanchezOwner, Banayad Records

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Their success

Robust inventory and order management system

The online shop made it easier for Carlo to manage his inventory by automatically updating the stock status after each sale, which helped him save time. This allowed him to focus more on marketing his brand and products. As a result, more sales were driven, even for older vinyls in his inventory that previously had trouble selling.

Improved product visibility online
Eliminated manual stock keeping with automation
Increased sales by 50% due to platform efficiency

One feature that really stands out for me is the ability to offer targeted discounts on specific categories of products. It has helped me to incentivise sales and clear out slow-moving inventory.

Carlo SanchezOwner, Banayad Records

You can purchase vinyls directly on Banayad Records online store.

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