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Merchant Case Study: Charitea Banner

Ever since joining Shopboxo, Charitea has generated ₱139,000 sales figures in 2 months.

Previous Platform Used

GloriaFood App


Food & Beverage

Charitea is a food and beverage business that offers a wide selection of delicious flavoured milk tea, frappes, and smoothies that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

As the food business is highly competitive in the Philippines, with an abundance of restaurants and food carts around, Jonathan has decided to go digital to provide customers with more convenient ways to order their favourite beverages.


Although going digital has its benefits, Jonathan soon discovered that it can also be costly. Even after creating an ecommerce website, the nature of his food and beverage business involves coming up with new flavours, which requires constant updates to the digital menu.

Unfortunately, these regular updates to his ecommerce website require payment to the developer, which has become a burden on the business. Realising that this is not sustainable in the long run, Jonathan knew that he had to find alternatives or pick up coding skills to make the edits himself.

I chose Shopboxo because it gave me the opportunity to set up my own online store and have control over product availability, stock levels, and store hours.

Jonathan LicudanCEO, Charitea

Build your online store today with Shopboxo.


As a business owner, Jonathan doesn’t have time to learn coding, so he needed to find an online web store builder that could provide templates and be easy to use for quick edits and product updates without coding or having to pay extra fees.

After researching platforms with these requirements, he discovered Shopboxo, which met his demands. With its user-friendly interface, Jonathan was able to create the online store without touching any code.

The platform also gave him full control over product availability, stock levels, and store hours, significantly improving backend operations and contributing to his decision to choose Shopboxo over other online web stores.


Thanks to Shopboxo, Charitea’s operations have become more efficient and cost-effective. Jonathan no longer needs to pay a developer to make changes to the web store, which has saved him money.

And in just two months, Charitea has achieved over ₱139,000 in sales, a testament to the success of the new ecommerce platform.

Hiring a developer is no longer necessary, making it more cost-effective
Achieve full control over inventory management
Charitea generates ₱139,000 in sales within 2 months

Shopboxo was a great platform for me because it enabled me to create my own online store without any coding knowledge, which saved me money by eliminating the need to pay a developer for the creation and maintenance of my ecommerce site.

Jonathan LicudanCEO, Charitea

You can order Charitea directly on the Shopboxo platform.

Join Charitea together with 70,000 other merchants on this eCommerce Journey.

– Accept orders on any device
– Drag and drop functionality
– Create your custom menu
– Pre-built themes
– No coding required

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