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Merchant Case Study: Dear Pets Banner

Unlimited product uploads led to increased product visibility and resulted in a 22% boost in basket value for Dear Pets.

Previous Platform Used

Website Builder Apps



Their story

Premium pet supplies curated from South Korea

Dear Pets is dedicated to providing a premium lifestyle for furry companions. They offer a range of pet products and services that demonstrate their belief that pets should be treated with the highest level of care and respect.

And this is evident in their range of offerings. From hand-picked pet treats and grooming products sourced from South Korea to original products such as the “Pupcase”, created by the team.  

Their challenge

Creating a user-friendly ecommerce website without coding experience

Coming from a non-coding background, Justin and his partner at Dear Pets encountered difficulties in developing an ecommerce website that can provide their customers with a simple but effective journey.

To overcome this, they experimented with numerous website-creating apps and dedicated an entire day to testing out new code and features before launching new products or web designs.

Unfortunately, this left them with little time to focus on the operational aspects of the business that could improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Their solution

Focus on the business and let the online platform handle the basics

Justin realised that his coding-intensive platform was not yielding efficient results. He needed an alternative solution that could be more productive. This is when he discovered Shopboxo.

Shopboxo is an online store builder platform that eliminates the need for Justin to do the hard work himself. It eases the stress of implementing new changes or website designs that require coding. Now, he can create a beautiful website with just a few clicks.

With Shopboxo, you can go back to the basics as it takes care of all the hard work for you. You no longer need to worry about the hassle and stress of implementing new changes or website designs.

Justin AngCo-Owner, Dear Pets

Build your online store today with Shopboxo.

Their success

Create and use a website with ease

Justin has saved a significant amount of time that he would have otherwise spent on research, testing, and figuring out codes to make changes to the website. He can now focus on providing the best premium pet lifestyle products to his customers with his partner. This has helped Dear Pets experience an increase in both sales and basket value.

34% rise in daily sales during the initial two weeks
22% increase in basket value due to increase product visibility
0 hour spent on testing and researching on platform tutorials

Small businesses often lose sight of their customers by getting bogged down with unnecessary tasks that do not contribute to their business growth. Don't let this happen to you. Simplify your tasks with Shopboxo and keep your focus on your customers.

Justin AngCo-Owner, Dear Pets

Visit Dear Pets shop to purchase products for your wagging tails and more!

Join Dear Pets together with 70,000+ other merchants on this eCommerce Journey.

– Accept orders on any device
– Drag and drop functionality
– Create your custom menu
– Pre-built themes
– No coding required

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