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With Shopboxo Online Store Builder, Seolynn’s KPOP Shop can finally provide a more seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Previous Platform Used

Google Forms



Seolynn started KPOP Shop in 2018 with the aim of providing Kpop fans in the Philippines with access to imported Kpop merchandise. As an avid Kpop enthusiast herself, she was all too familiar with the challenges of finding collectibles from her favourite artists.

Seizing the opportunity, she started a small business that imports a wide range of Kpop merchandise from Korea, including everything from cards and CDs to concert items.


Despite having limited resources as a small business owner, Seolynn was determined to build an ecommerce store for KPOP Shop. To keep costs low, she turned to free tools like Google Forms that allows her to take in orders for free.

However, she discovered that getting new orders from customers using Google Forms proved to be a hurdle and has turned to online marketplaces like Shopee, which can help to increase brand awareness. While the platform allows her to list products for free, there is a small transaction fee tied to each order.

In order to maximise her profit, Seolynn knew that she needed to look for more alternatives to sell her Kpop merchandise online.

I stumbled upon Shopboxo, assuming it was a trial-only free ecommerce website builder. But upon trying it, I discovered that it’s not only free to use but also user-friendly for creating my online store.

Seolynn JungOwner, KPOP Shop

Build your online store today with Shopboxo.


Seolynn chanced upon Shopboxo while researching for free ecommerce website builders, and despite initial scepticism about its truly free nature, she decided to give it a try as a possible solution to KPOP Shop’s challenges.

While Google Form served the purpose of selling online for free, Seolynn found it inefficient and sought to streamline the ordering process with Shopboxo. By using the platform’s features, Seolynn can now manage orders more easily and efficiently, rejecting duplicate orders, accepting pre-orders and confirming the order only after payment is received.

Since the majority of items on KPOP Shop are on pre-order, a good order management system will be essential for Seolynn, to minimise order errors while tightening the ordering and payment process.

For KPOP Shop’s customers, Shopboxo has helped to improve the buying process. They can now self-serve and purchase multiple products at once without having to fill out multiple forms like before.


KPOP Shop has found success on Shopboxo, where its operations have become more efficient and customers have expressed greater satisfaction. Seolynn reports that customers appreciate the online store’s high-quality design and ease of use, leading to increased happiness while shopping.

Streamlined the ordering process
Improved efficiency in order acceptance
Increased customers satisfaction with a well-designed online store

Not only is the platform user-friendly, but it also regularly updates and enhances its features. It's great to see that it's currently available for free and I hope it remains that way in the future.

Seolynn JungOwner, KPOP Shop

KPOP Shop joined Shopboxo in 2022. You can visit the store here.

Join KPOP Shop together with 70,000 other merchants on this eCommerce Journey.

– Accept orders on any device
– Drag and drop functionality
– Create your custom menu
– Pre-built themes
– No coding required

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