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There are plenty of website builders that you can explore to help you make a website or build an ecommerce store. But did you know it’s possible to do it all for free?


While many of these website builders offer free trials, you will need to subscribe to their pro plan to unlock its premium features. However, there are also platforms where you can create a website for free.


Curious to find out more?


But before we share the deets, it’s always good to first identify the type of features you require for your ecommerce store so that it will be easier for you to narrow down your choices of website builders.


And to help you with that, we’ve identified some top features so that you know what to look out for if you decide to launch an ecommerce website.


Online Store Features You Need for your eCommerce Website


There are 3 core online store features that you need, which are vital to run an online store.


1. All-in-one


Firstly, it’s more convenient for you to manage your inventory and orders on one platform. Hence, finding a website builder that can enable you to do so will be the first priority. The last thing any non-technical person wants is to log in to different platforms to manage different aspects of their business.


Having to manage all in one single platform will result in better efficiency and effectiveness to your online business. And the good thing is that you only have one login credential to gain access to your online business operations.


Tip: A bonus if the website builder has an app feature so you can manage your online store anywhere and everywhere as long as you have a device and internet connection. They should also offer a face ID or fingerprint login system for your mobile device. (Just like majority of apps)


2. Scalability


Apart from enabling you to manage your online business operations on a single platform, it also needs to have the capability to handle your ecommerce website when your business starts to scale.


While some platforms are ideal for new businesses as the setup process is simple and straightforward. But once the business starts to expand, there might be requirements for certain features or functions which the current website builder may have its limitations.


So it’s always advisable to future proof and avoid such scenarios.


Tip: Find a platform that offers optional modules and promotional blocks where you can access should you require additional features and functions to help with your growing online business.


3. Security


No system is impenetrable, not only typical websites, even government websites are getting hacked and breached.


So the final requirement is on website security. You’ll need a platform that is secure and reliable. This is important especially if you are running an ecommerce website since transactions are taking place on site. It will be reassuring for both business owners and website visitors to know that the appropriate safeguards are in place.


Tip: Your website should have TLS encryption (HTTPs) for better security.


Now that you are aware of the top 3 online store features required in order for you to run your online business successfully, it is time to share the website builder that allows you to create a website for free.

Build your online store today with Shopboxo.

Shopboxo – Your Website Builder


Shopboxo is one of the website builders available in the market where you can launch your ecommerce store all under one platform, and within minutes. It comes with a mobile app feature as well, so you can manage your online store on-the-go.


Here are 7 reasons why you should consider Shopboxo for your ecommerce platform:


1. Ease of Use – No coding knowledge required


2. Ready-made Themes – Elevate your ecommerce website with predefined themes


3. Integrated Payment  – Connect to payment gateway such as GCash, PayMaya


4. Integrated Delivery System – Schedule and track deliveries on one screen


5. Order Management – Manage and fulfil orders on one screen


6. Inventory Management – Convenient features to manage and update inventory


7. Free – No commission fees


With these 7 key features, Shopboxo basically provides an end-to-end ecommerce solution where not only you use it to host your online business, but the platform itself allows you to handle and manage the operations side of business, from uploading products and creating discount codes to fulfilling orders and accepting payments without using bank transfer, all within one platform.


Scan. Install. Launch.


If that excites you, scan the QR code below or head over to the Google Playstore or the Apple Store to download the Shopboxo app. Alternatively, you can visit the online store page to learn more about Shopboxo and some of its key features.


Start building your own ecommerce website for free with Shopboxo. It’s fast, easy, and secure – perfect for new businesses who are looking to start their own online store.


QR Code Download to Shopboxo App on App Store and Play Store


Begin your Ecommerce journey with Shopboxo.

– Accept orders on any device
– Drag and drop functionality
– Create your custom menu
– Pre-built themes
– No coding required

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