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Online restaurant platform that’s made to order

Simplified online ordering process for your customers and your food and beverage business.

Design, build, and launch – fast

Choose from a variety of themes to help create your online ordering page, building your digital menu, and launching your online restaurant.
Design Without Code

Create your one-of-a-kind online restaurant without the need of web coding experience.

Pre-built Themes

Pick a theme and upload your food products to begin selling food online. All within minutes.

Your Food, Your Brand

More than just adding food to your digital menu, customise your storefront with your style, colours, themes, and your logo.

Free to Setup

Start your online restaurant with zero worries – there are no hidden fees to set up your food and beverage business online.

Mobile Interface to Show Online Restaurant with Payment and Order Sample

Provide all types of food services, in one platform

Manage all your services and your outlets in one system.
Dine In

Create digital menu to allow customers to order directly from their table.


Customers can do takeouts by scanning your customised QR code to order.

Food Delivery

Integration with delivery partners to provide delivery options for your customers.

POS System

Manage transactions, sales, and inventory data in a more efficient and accurate way.

I chose Shopboxo because it gave me the opportunity to set up my own online store and have control over product availability, stock levels, and store hours. Having to control everything under one platform makes business management a lot easier!

Jonathan LicudanCharitea

How it works

Step by step process from the time your customer scan and place orders to you receiving and processing the order.

Step 1: Scan QR Code

Each QR code you generate is uniquely mapped to each of your tables, counter, signage, or other ordering locations around your restaurant.

Step 2: Browse menu

The menu offers an easy app-like browsing experience that will delight your diners and increase your average order value.

Step 3: Place order and pay

Diners place order directly on your website or make new orders on their mobile phone from the comfort of their seats.

No need to wait for a bill, diners also pay right away saving time for your staff and customer.

Step 4: Prepare food and serve

A single source of truth for your staff to prepare and deliver orders to the right tables accurately and promptly.

QR Code Sample Interface with Hand Holding Mobile Device
Custom Menu Sample from Seafood Guru

Create a Custom Menu

It’s easy to create a menu that your customers can easily order from no matter the kind of food you are selling.

Customise it to suit how you sell:

  • Beautiful visual menu
  • Easily update stock amount, pricing and promoti0ns
  • Daily menu availability
Mobile Interface to Showcase QR Code Function on Shopboxo

Self-serve ordering in your restaurant

With QR code-powered ordering you can reduce in-person contact, improve your diners experience, and increase the operational efficiency of your staff.

Whether you are running a fast food restaurant, a pizza or burger joint, or even a boba shop, self-serve table ordering is going to elevate your customer experience, and improve efficiency.

Start your online restaurant with Shopboxo today to reach more customers, and get more orders.

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