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Inventory Management

One platform to manage all products.

Keep track of your product catalog on-the-go. Use your mobile to track, monitor, and manage your inventory.

Duo Mobile Phones to Showcase Product Inventory Management System within Shopboxo
Mobile Interface to Showcase Product Upload on Shopboxo

Manage Products

Handle your product catalog on-the-go

Use the Shopboxo app to keep track of your products catalog. Upload images, change descriptions, adjust prices and manage inventory all on-the-go.

Variants & Categories

Group products by categories and add variants

Manage products that come in different variants such as sizes and colours to reduce clutter on your online store. Create categories and organise your products and its variants all within a few clicks.

Mobile Interface to Showcase Product Variants on Shopboxo
Manage Inventory on Shopboxo

Inventory Management System

Inventory Automation

Save time and money by managing all your inventory in one place. Monitor how your products sell clearly. All stock quantities automatically change when an order is placed or refunded so no more manual stock keeping needed.

Common inventory management questions

How do I run inventory on Shopboxo?

To enable inventory, take the follow steps:
1. From your Shopboxo admin page, go to products.
2. Upload your product image and information in the overview tab.
3. Create options in the variants tab if your product has multiple sizes, colours, etc.
4. Toggle on the track quantity to activate inventory tracking
5. Update your product information and SKU to activate inventory tracking.

Is Shopboxo able to accomodate my store with large inventory?

Shopboxo’s platform is built for businesses of all sizes, including large businesses with extensive inventory. We do not have limits on inventory, and our system is able to handle high volume orders. Our powerful inventory management features makes handling inventory much easier and you can do it on the go.

Can you sell your own inventory on Shopboxo?

Yes, you can sell your own products on Shopboxo. Our platform is not only catered to food business. If you create your own products, you can set up a store to sell your handmade goods directly to your fans.

Do you need physical inventory for Shopboxo?

Our product inventory applies to both physical and digital products. Create your product by uploading the product image, product information, product price and include the variants (if any) and product quantity under the inventory tab.

Inventory management has never been easier.

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