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Shopboxo Pay

Making and receiving payments made easier

E-wallets and payment providers integration, making it easier for money to flow from your customer to you.

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Shopping Bag Payment Interface on Shopboxo

Online Payments

Accept GCash, Maya and GrabPay

No more hassles with manual checks before releasing orders. Sharing of bank information is not required anymore. You can easily receive payments from your customers through e-wallets.

Safe & Secure

Avoid fraud transactions

All payments are collected securely and deposited straight into your bank account by Shopboxo. Your customers do not need to worry about manual bank transfers anymore, making their purchases smoother and stress-free. It’s a win-win situation.

Digital Identification on Fraud
Shopboxo Analytics Dashboard Interface

Analytics Dashboard

Track your money

Why check your bank account when you can easily monitor order payments and payouts on your inituitive dashboard. Dive deeper into the details of each payout to get the full picture, whenever you want.

Questions about Shopboxo Pay

Does Shopboxo pay you automatically?

Getting paid by Shopboxo is a seamless process when you integrate your store with your bank account. Payouts by Shopboxo is conducted once a week.

How to set up Shopboxo Pay?

To connect Shopboxo Pay to your account, you just have to go to “Payments” and tap on Connect and follow the instructions.

  1. Add your bank details so that you can receive payments
  2. Complete the KYC process to link the e-wallets to your account

For more information on connecting Shopboxo Pay, visit this page

Can I still receive payments if I do not have Shopboxo Pay?

You are unable to receive a payout if you are not using Shopboxo Pay. However, you can use custom payment methods where customers can pay directly to you.

How do I receive payments on Shopboxo?

All payments will go into your bank account with Shopboxo Pay. Customers can pay with GCash, GrabPay and Maya. Transactions are secured by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and processed by Xendit.

Safer transactions and a dashboard to track all your money.

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