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Sell anything, anywhere on one platform built for success.

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Sell online

All you need to sell online

Shopboxo give you the tools to sell your products online for free.

Designing your one-of-a-kind online store without the need of web building experience.


Takes minutes to set up. Pick a theme and upload your products to begin selling online.

Your Brand

More than just adding style, colours, and themes, your logo can be showcased on your storefront.

Free. Forever

Sell your products with zero worries – there are no hidden costs to set up your website.

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Sell anything, everything

Whether you want to sell shoes or run a snack shop, Shopboxo is able to support your online business.
Sell physical products

Provide your customers with a range of product options, including different sizes, colors, materials, and more.

Sell digital products

Your customers can purchase digital products like e-loading credits directly from your online store.

Sell food

Dine-ins or takeaways, Shopboxo has got you covered with tools to create digital menu and qr code-powered ordering.

Sell dropshipping products

Sell products at ease when you can manage inventory, fulfil orders and schedule shipping, all done in one platform.

Shopboxo significantly boosts my business's sales and my customers' confidence when making purchases because of its straightforward UI.

Ciara Ann LadrillonoOwner, Glimpse Fashion Boutique

How to create an online store in 5 steps

1. Create a free online store with our retail website builder

Choose a free, world-class theme designed by ecommerce expert – no coding involved.

2. Upload products to your online store

Showcase what you’re selling with easy to use functions – all within a few clicks.

3. Add payment methods

Connect e-wallets and stripe to provide safe and secure online transactions.

4. Integrate delivery system

Set up your delivery method with our pre-integrated delivery service providers.

5. Publish your ecommerce shop to start selling online

Manage inventory, fulfil and track orders in one platform.

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Explore the benefits of using Shopboxo for your business, regardless of what products or services you offer.

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Common questions about selling online

Can I use my online store to sell on social media?

Yes, you can sell on social media. Get access to a number of built-in integrations to connect your online store with popular social media platforms. Drive new customers to your online shopping site when you integrate Shopboxo with Shopping on Instagram, Facebook Shops, and Google Product Listings. You can also take Instagram posts from your feed and turn them into a single-page eCommerce website with a user-friendly checkout.

What products can I sell online?

You can sell almost anything online as long as the product is legal. From physical products like apparel and food, to digital products like e-loading credits. Look at market demand to identify opportunities for you to penetrate into the specific business niche.

Can I sell online without a physical product inventory?

Dropshipping is an ideal online business model if you do not want to stock up on inventory. Other than creating an online store, you need to form partnerships with suppliers who can provide you with quality products at an affordable wholesale rate.

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