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Why sell plants online

Selling plants online in the Philippines can be a profitable business idea due to several reasons. Firstly, the demand for indoor and outdoor plants has increased significantly in recent years, driven by a growing interest in gardening and eco-friendliness.

Secondly, selling plants online allows businesses to reach a wider audience, including those who may not have access to physical plant nurseries.

Additionally, online platforms provide convenience and ease of purchase for customers. Finally, with proper care and maintenance, plants can be a long-term investment, leading to potential repeat customers and referrals.

How to sell plants online in 5 steps

1. Build your online store

Create your brand using a business name generator and logo maker (if you have not decided) then choose a theme to suit your branding.

2. Publish product pages

Upload your product images and descriptions to showcase your plants to drive conversions.

3. Choose your shipping methods

Connect to Shopboxo Delivery and use delivery service providers that has been integrated into the system.

4. Select your payment gateway

Choose from multiple payment gateways and e-wallets (Gcash, Maya, GrabPay) to receive payments from your customers securely.

5. Promote your online plant store

Market your brand through social media platforms, email marketing, and other marketing channels to boost sales.

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We'll help you find the path to success

Effective management

Make mass edits in batches when uploading your products, or updating your order statuses. Save time by managing your inventory in one platform.

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Unified delivery system

Our platform makes it easy to schedule and fulfill deliveries all in one place, without the need to visit multiple websites for shipping quotes.

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Secure payments

Shopboxo ensures that all payments are collected and deposited safely into your bank account, eliminating the need for your customers to worry about manual bank transfers.

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Work on any device

Manage your store on any device. You can publish your inventory on desktop at the comfort of your home or on your mobile on-the-go.

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Learn more about selling plants online

How can I sell plants online?

You can sell plants online from your own collection or find a reliable nursery to provide the plants you wish to sell. You can start small by listing your plants on social media platforms to create a following, or you can go straight into setting up an online plant store using an ecommerce builder like Shopboxo. As each plant is unique, be sure to photograph and describe the plants in detail. List down your terms and shipping options clearly to avoid issues.

What are the popular types of plants to sell online in the Philippines?

Succulents, cacti, herbs, and indoor plants such as the snake plant and money plant are a few popular choices in the Philippines. Alternatively, you can take a different approach by selling rare plants that are hard to find in the Philippines. However, the demand for such plants are lesser, and it will be harder to find the right plant suppliers so conduct your research first before you embark on this.

How do I package and ship my plants?

Shipping plants is tricker than shipping regular products such as apparels as they are usually fragile. So it is important to make sure your plants are well-protected and secured with bubble wrap to prevent any damage to the leaves and stems. Also add sphagnum moss to the roots to keep your plants hydrated during shipping. When shipping your plants internationally, check if you require a phytosanitary certificate to clear the custom. And always label your package as fragile and include any special handling instructions to prevent damages.

What are some tips to promote my online plant business?

Social media is a good way to start promoting your online plant business. Most plant hobbyist turned plant entrepreneurs started from posting their plants on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok to build their following. You should also join plant communities and events to network with fellow plant enthusiasts that can help in promoting your brand.

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