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Shopboxo Themes

Powerful website themes made for eCommerce.

Choose from an unrivalled set of best-in-class eCommerce themes and templates, bringing your products to life with rich design editing tools.

Our themes and templates helps to build your brand, connect with customers, and most importantly, sell online effectively. Use our mobile-first eCommerce themes to create a unique online store design and power up your online business today.

Mobile Interface to Showcase Different Theme Selection

Shopboxo Themes

Wide Variety

Our themes and templates are designed by world-class eCommerce experts to make your online store stand out. There are themes for any industry including restaurants, fashion, retail, home and others.

  • Mobile first design
  • Designed by eCommerce experts
  • Fully customisable
  • Packed with built-in features


Drag and Drop

Design around your unique products by adding images, product lists, and other blocks with our easy to use drag and drop sections.

  • Mobile first drag and drop sections
  • Choose from variety of pre-defined sections
  • Images, texts, product lists, category lists, banners and so much more
Mobile Interface to Showcase Drag and Drop Function Within Themes
Checkout Page Example in Bebas Neue Font


Choose a font

Selecting a font that best suit your brand. Explore our curated font packs that includes more than 30 fonts, both free and premium. Fonts are automatically updated once you save it in the Typography section.

Colour packs and styles

Pick and Elevate

Each theme and template comes with predefined color packs that make your store unique. You can further enhance your store by customising specific color palette and sections style to suit your brand.

  • Choose from variety of color packs
  • Section styles include elevated with shadow, flat, rounded corners and others.
Mobile Interface to Showcase eCommerce Store Design Customisation

Templates for every use case, online or offline.

Get started with our award-winning designer templates and then customise the look, feel, and features to fit your business.



Mobile Artwork with eCommerce Interface Sample



Common questions about themes

What are themes for website?

A theme represent the design of the website. This includes website elements such as fonts, color palettes, backgrounds, page layouts, headers and footers.

What is the difference between templates and themes?

A theme dictates the design of your website while templates affects the page layout of your site.

How do I choose a theme for my website?

Choose from a variety of available themes upon creating a store on Shopboxo. When deciding a theme for your website, always define the purpose of your store first, its required functionality, and how you want the look and feel of your site to match your brand identity. Thinking about these things should help you make the right selection that can make a good first impression on your users. And if you don’t like it, you can always change it later!

Do themes come with templates?

Themes and templates are packed together with predefined color packs. You can further enhance your store by customising specific color palette and sections style to suit your brand identity.

What is an ecommerce theme?

An ecommerce theme is aimed to enhance the design and layout of your online store, showcase featured products, and allowing you to customise various features of the page or website to improve conversion rate.

Great products needs to be paired with a beautiful store.

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