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Shopboxo for Restaurants

A platform to elevate restaurant experience

Create a custom menu for free and start growing your dine-in and pickup orders — without commissions.

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Whether it is serving a sit-down meal or processing a pickup order, Shopboxo has you covered – design a beautiful menu, accept orders via QR code for takeaways and dine-ins, and manage orders for delivery with ease. Keep your customers coming back for more.

Custom Menu Sample from Seafood Guru


Create a custom menu

It’s easy to create a menu that your customers can easily order from no matter the kind of food you are selling.

Customise it to suit how you sell:

  • Beautiful visual menu
  • Easily update Stock amount and Pricing
  • Daily menu availability

QR Code Orders

Self-serve ordering in your restaurants

With QR code-powered ordering you can reduce in-person contact, improve your diners experience, and increase the operational efficiency of your staff. Whether you are running a fast food restaurant, a pizza or burger joint, or even a boba shop, QR code ordering is going to elevate your customer experience.

Mobile Interface to Showcase QR Code Function on Shopboxo

How it works

Step 1 Guide on How it works for QR Code

Step 1:
Scan QR Code

Each QR code you generate is uniquely mapped to each of your tables, counter, signage, or other ordering locations around your restaurant.

Step 2 Guide on How it Works for Ordering from Restaurants with Shopboxo

Step 2:
Browse menu

The menu offers an easy app-like browsing experience that will delight your diners and increase your average order value.

Step 3 Guide on How it Works for Ordering from Restaurants with Shopboxo

Step 3:
Place order and pay

Diners place order directly on your website or make new orders on their mobile phone from the comfort of their seats.

No need to wait for a bill, diners also pay right away saving time for your staff and customer.

Step 2 Guide on How it Works for Ordering from Restaurants with Shopboxo

Step 4:
Prepare food and serve

A single source of truth for your staff to prepare and deliver orders to the right tables accurately and promptly.

Example of Add-ons Selection on Custom Menu


Increase average order values

Display add ons or special offers in the right places on your digital menu – in a way the physical menu can’t – and drive larger orders from your customers.


Take orders outside your restaurant

Earn more

Increase Orders from people nearby, put your web-based menu on Google and Social pages

Collect orders in advance

Give customers the flexibility of ordering online and picking up the order in person, for free

Save time

Cut the wait time for customers, they get notified by SMS while your kitchen runs smoother

No commission

Save on the exorbitant commission fees you are paying the other guys, no extra fees here 😉

Integrated Payments

Receive payments safely and securely

Use Shopboxo Pay to collect payments for your orders. – all popular e-wallets, GCash, GrabPay, and Paymaya are available. Customers don’t have to wait at your till or the waiter to bring the bill.

  • Get paid into your bank account
  • Smooth and efficient operations
  • Delight your customers, drive more orders
Sample of Different Payment Methods Available on Shopboxo

Free plan

Includes every feature you need to run your food business online.


QR Code Ordering, Pickup, Table Ordering, Add-ons

No startup costs or monthly fees. Get started with self-serve ordering today.

Common questions about online restaurants

How do customers pay in-store?

Diners can pay on the order page once they have confirmed their order. This helps both diners and staff by limiting contact and shared surfaces. Diners can pay through Shopboxo Pay which is integrated with GCash, GrabPay, and PayMaya.

How do customers pay for pickup orders?

Customers who choose to takeaway can easily choose the pickup option when they make their order and pay using Shopboxo Pay. They will receive an SMS to pickup when you have prepared their order. This frees up time for your staff to focus on fulfilling orders and elevating your restaurant experience.

How do diners make new orders?

Diners can simple launch the menu using the QR code at their table and make an order and pay from their seat. Diners can order as soon as they are ready without waiting for a server and pay from their mobile instead of waiting for the bill to be printed. This improves the efficiency and the table turn times, allowing you to operate with the same team but accomodate more diners.

How do you use QR code ordering in a fastfood restaurant or bubble tea (boba) shop?

Set up signage with QR codes by the entrance or areas where your diners can easily notice them. Make sure to pick spots to put them up where it won’t cause any congestion. Your diner can order from your digital menu and find a seat. When their order is ready, your staff will just have to call out their name. Their name will be found on the order you received – its that simple.

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