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Digital Menu

Accept orders with your digital menu

Build your custom menu for free and boost your orders commission-free
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Step 1:

Create your custom menu

Tailor your menu, add-ons and variants to your preferences. Create customised promotions and coupons. Personalise every aspect of your digital menu.

Step 2:

Customise your payment and delivery options

Streamline and improve your food order process with integrated online payments and delivery. Boost customer satisfaction and increase orders.

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Step 3:

Publish and share your digital menu

Launch your digital menu on Shopboxo to get a personalised menu link. Expand your customer base by sharing this link across various channels and platforms. You don’t have to worry about hosting or cost as we handle it all for you. Simply focus on creating the best menu and leave the rest to us.

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Common digital menu questions

What is a digital menu?

Digital menus are electronic versions of traditional physical menus that can be accessed on various devices. They allow customers to browse through a restaurant’s food offerings and can place orders directly from their digital devices. It improves your customers’ experience, reduce wait times, and potentially increase sales.

What are the benefits of using a digital menu?

Benefits of using a digital menu for your food business includes enhanced customer experience, reduced paper waste, inventory tracking, and easy menu updates. These benefits can result in increased sales and likely repeated business as well. Maximise your food business with a customisable and easy-to-use digital menu.

How can my customers access a digital menu?

Your customers can easily access  the digital menu by scanning a QR code, visiting your online restaurant. With the increasing use of mobile devices, digital menus provide a convenient way for customers to view and order from your restaurant’s offerings directly.

Is it easy to update a digital menu?

Updating a digital menu is a straightforward and can be done in real-time. Changes can be made directly on Shopboxo’s platform and it will reflect across all devices that are displaying the digital menu. With the ability to make changes quickly, your restaurant can adjust to pricing, menu items, and availability changes. Keep your customers  up-to-date with a simple and user-friendly digital menu.

Bring your restaurant orders online with Shopboxo.

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