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Online Shopping Cart

Process payments with online shopping cart solution

Deliver an engaging shopping experience and establish your brand identity using a variety of features
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Automated Order Collection

Streamline your ordering process

Reduce errors and improve efficiency with automated order processing, where orders placed through the online shopping cart are instantly accepted and accurately recorded into the system.

Automated Status Update

Order & payment update in real-time

Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour with real-time recording of product additions to their online shopping cart, allowing informed decision-making on inventory management and other business aspects.

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Visual Product Catalogue

Increase sales conversion

Showcase your products in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate catalogue for customers to browse and add items to their online shopping cart.

Trusted by over 70,000+ merchants

Common online shopping cart questions

What is an online shopping cart?

An online shopping cart is a digital tool that allows customers to select and store items they wish to purchase from an online store. It functions as a virtual basket, allowing customers to add or remove items, view their total cost, and proceed to checkout when ready to purchase.

How does an online shopping cart work?

When a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, the product is saved in their virtual cart. The cart keeps track of the selected items, their quantities, and total cost. When the customer is ready to checkout, they can review and edit their cart before completing the purchase.

Why is it important to have a secure online shopping cart?

A secure online shopping cart is essential to protect customer data and prevent fraud. It is important to use a shopping cart that is PCI-compliant and uses SSL encryption to safeguard sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers and personal details.

Can an online shopping cart integrate with other systems?

Yes, an online shopping cart can integrate with other systems, such as inventory management, shipping, and payment solutions. This allows for streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and accurate tracking of orders and inventory levels.

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