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3 Steps to Set Up Online Store in Shopboxo Text Banner

As a new member of Shopboxo, you may be eager to know how to proceed with the next step, which is to create and configure your online storefront. The process of setting up your online store on Shopboxo is uncomplicated and can be completed within minutes. Here’s a brief guide on how to do it in three quick steps.

Step 1: Add all your products to Shopboxo App

To enhance your likelihood of receiving more orders from customers, we recommend that you expand your online store’s product offerings by adding additional items.

Your store interface sample on adding products to your store

Step 2: Fill out your Business details and Contact information

Click on the Store tab and select Business Details.

Your store interface sample on filling out business details and contact information

In this section, you can include your Shop name, choose your Shop’s industry, and provide your address and email by accessing the editing feature. Your email address will be used for account verification purposes.

Moreover, we recommend including contact information and social media links, which will be displayed on the Home page for easy accessibility.

Online store interface sample to show contact information on footer

Build your online store today with Shopboxo.

Step 3: Design your website

To access the design options for your store, click on the Store tab and choose Design. For more detailed guidance on designing your store, kindly refer to our comprehensive design guide.

Your store inferface sample on selecting design section

Your online store is now set up and ready to go! You may copy the store’s URL and share it with others. To do so, simply navigate to the Home tab and click on the Share button.

Online store interface sample to show store URL link and how to share it

For additional information on configuring your payment and delivery methods and preparing to sell your first product on Shopboxo, please visit our help centre.

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