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Order Management

Seamlessly create and fulfil orders

Monitor, fulfil, and record all orders in one platform ensuring things run smoothly to serve your customers better.

Mobile Interfaces to Showcase Order Management System on Shopboxo
Manage Order on Shopboxo


Handle orders in one place

Never leave your customers waiting just because you don’t have your computer with you when you are out and about. Accept, reject, refund orders using the Shopboxo mobile app, anywhere.

Order Status

Realtime order tracking for customers

Customer receive order updates in realtime when they are fulfilled, shipped or refunded. No more manual checks or record keeping required, everything can be found on your Orders dashboard.

Track Order Interface on Shopboxo
Customer Management System on Shopboxo

Customer management system

Own customer data

Keep track and own all your customer data and their order history in one place. Reach out to them via phone or Viber or Messenger easily with just a few taps.

Common order management questions

What is order management?

Order management is the process of capturing, tracking, and fulfilling your customer order. The order management process begins once an order is placed from your online store and ends when your customer receives their package.

How to refund an order?

If you need to refund an order, take the following steps:
1. Navigate to Orders tab and select the order
2. On the top right corner, click on three dots
3. Tap on Refund and enter amount
4. Confirm refund
To find out more about refunds, follow this page

How do you manage online orders?

You can manage your online orders under the “Orders” section in your admin page. All your orders will be displayed in that section where you can manually accept, reject, or refund orders. You can also manage your orders remotely when using the Shopboxo mobile app.

Is there an app to track all of my orders?

Download our Shopboxo mobile app to enable not only remote tracking of your online sales, but also manually accept, reject, or refund orders anywhere.

Track and manage your orders, all in one platform.

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