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Table Ordering

Table ordering with QR code

Increase staff efficiency and boost your average order size with QR code table ordering and payment.
Scan OR Code for Online Menu Sample Interface
QR Code Sample Interface with Hand Holding Mobile Device


Elevate customer service with streamlined processes

QR code food ordering enables customers to conveniently order their meals directly from their smartphones, resulting in time savings, enhanced efficiency, and an improved overall customer experience.

  • Customers can place orders from their phones
  • Optimise table turnover rates to serve more customers
  • Reduce staffing requirements and lower labour costs.
  • Enhance your service for happier customers


Get your table ordering service up and running in just a few minutes

  1. Create your digital menu to your preference
  2. Customise payment options to optimise ordering process
  3. Generate and print QR codes for your tables
  4. Customers scan QR codes to access your ordering page
Setting Up Table Ordering System Sample Interface
Sample Interfaces of Digital Menu

Digital Menu

Customise your digital menu with your own branding

Put an end to the hassle of printing menus each time you update prices or add new items. Digitalise your menu with Shopboxo.

  • Easily update menu in real-time
  • Save cost on printing physical menu
  • Provide a mobile-friendly menu for easy ordering
  • Auto-collect feedback for service improvement


More than just table ordering

Expand your usage of QR code beyond table ordering. Extend your food ordering services to anywhere that you can offer.

  • Online restaurant
  • Takeaway food cart and food truck
  • Coffee stand
  • Home based food business
Mobile Device Showing Sample Interface of a Online Restaurant

Common table ordering questions

What is a table ordering?

Table ordering allows customers to place food or drinks orders directly from their tables, using their own mobile devices. This help to make ordering process more efficient customers do not have to go up to a physical counter or flag down a server to place their order.

What are the benefits of table ordering?

Table ordering has several benefits for both customers and restaurant owners. For customers, it can save time and make the ordering process more convenient, while also reducing the risk of errors.

For restaurant owners, it can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase sales by encouraging customers to order more items through add-ons modules.

How does table ordering work?

  1. Table ordering involves the usage of a mobile app or website that is connected to the restaurant’s digital menu.
  2. Customers scan a QR code or enter a URL to access the digital menu to browse, select items, customise their orders, and submit payment.
  3. The order is then sent directly to the kitchen or bar for preparation before serving it to the table.

Is table ordering secure and reliable?

Table ordering can be both secure and reliable when implemented properly. Restaurants can use encryption and other security measures to protect customers’ personal and financial information, and can also implement checks and balances to ensure that orders are captured and served to the correct tables.

Launch table ordering for your restaurant.

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